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About DGS Grinding Wheels

Daniel Stevens - Chairman and Founder of DGS Grinding Wheels

Daniel George Stevens
Chairman of D.G.S.(Grinding Wheels & Machines) Ltd.


Born in South Wales in 1927 Dan. Stevens served an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering in Bristol. Once qualified he set to work designing and manufacturing the Osmond cutting-off machine, which was extensively used in the steel industry. He quickly realised that once a machine had been installed there was an ongoing demand for abrasive wheels, which his employers were reluctant to be involved with. This provided the incentive for him to leave employment ant set up his own cutting-off wheel manufacturing factory in Stockport. A distribution centre and offices were established in Wolverhampton, with other types of abrasives being added to the range.

In the 1970’s his son Andrew joined the company and helped establish the southern branch in Portsmouth.

Dan is still involved in the business and appears in the office regularly to give advice and lend a hand when necessary. He has more than 60 years experience in the abrasive industry, so why not use it ?


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