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Superabrasive Superabrasive

DGS have over 25 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of Diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) Products .

With their excellent friability properties, high thermal conductivity and excellent wear resistance superabrasives offer excellent results on a multitude of materials and applications.



Diamond or CBN grain is plated to a steel body with a coating of Nickel. Unlike Resin Bonded , Electroplate is ideal for complex forms and radii.

DGS offer a full manufacturing service or can plate to the customers own steel body. A full strip and replate service is available.

Electroplate is ideal for internal grinding applications on ceramic , carbide and hardened steels, DGS stock a full range of Diamond and CBN internals for immediate despatch.

A more complex form of plating is utilised in the manufacture of Rotary Dressing Tools & Rolls to suit CBN Vit or conventional grinding wheels.


Resin Bonded

Polyamide & Phenolic resin mixed with “fillers” such as Aluminium, Copper and Nickel Powders are pressed under heated patterns to hold the superabrasive grain. Like conventional abrasives this allows the fracture of the superabrasive grain to produce sharp new cutting edges. DGS offer the full range of shapes from 11V9 taper cups to 1A1 periphery wheels and cutting off wheels.

A range of economy 11V9 Taper cups, 1A1 Peri wheels & 1A1R Cut-offs in Diamond and CBN are available from stock, in addition to our Premium Polyamide offering.




Metal Bonded

As Resin Bonded but the superabrasive is held in sintered metal, The harder media is especially suited to the grinding of glass, ceramics and hardend materials which quickly wear Resin Bonded layers resulting in premature grit loss.

DGS supply a full range of wheels to suit all machines including wheel packs for the Anca, Walther and Schleberger T&C machines. Gear grinding & Cylindrical wheels for Fassler, Kapp, Kallenberger, Studer & J&S machines among others.

Wheel packs stocked include Flute & Face Grinding and Gashing Wheels from Winterthur Wendt Naxoforce, Winter G Force and Tyrolit Startec.

DGS are the premier UK distributor for Saint-Gobain's GX & Resimet range of Diamond and CBN wheels. The unique porous metal/resin bond offers an extremely free cutting, longlife solution for both manual & cost concious CNC users.

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