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Vitrified Diamond & CBN Products



With the development of advance new High Performance Ceramic Bonds and the continuing delvelopment of high performance machines from manufactueres such as Studer , Kellenburger and Jones and Shipman, Vitrified CBN and Diamond Products are now gaining a large hold in the manufacturing market.


DGS have a years of experience in this highly technical market and can advise, design and test all manner of the latest Vitified Technology in conjuction with the manufacurers.


In industries where high tolerance in size and high levels of surface finish are requirerd, Vitrified CBN and Diamond offer reduced grinding pressure, longer intervals between dressing, improved process times and a stable grinding process.

From Internal grinding or cylindircal, vitrified CBN , is meeting the rigorous grinding requirements of the aerospace, motor and production tool industry. Today's new vitrified CBN products keep tight tolerances while grinding cooler and removing more material than with previous technologies.


DGS can advise and supply on not only the right Vitrified product but the right dresser, filter paper, coolant, in fact everything required, no matter what the machine or process

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